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Asked Questions

Q – Did you mean "Frequently Asked Questions"?

A – Nope. Most of these questions have not been asked all that frequently, but they have all been asked.

Q – Oh okay, I guess that makes sense. So, where are you from?

A – I’m Illinois born, Southern California-raised (free-range, organic), and have been a Nashville local now for 7+ years.

Q – Who are you? What do you do? Why? How?

A – Whoa, slow down. Sounds like you skipped over the services cards on my home page. Go check those out for the answers you seek.


Q – Okay, I’m back. So…the weather’s sure nice today, huh?

A – Stalling. That’s cool, catch your breath. You’ve got this.

Q – What are your favorite activities when you’re not working?

A – I love trying new restaurants/cafes/breweries, traveling, and playing sports.

Q – Diving deeper here: What would you say is the core mission of Pen & Mug?

A – If you distill it way down, I'm in the business of turning ideas into tangible things–dreams into reality. I will be an ally in the growth of your business or passion project, whether that means getting it off the ground or pursuing the next level of success.

Q – Who would be your dream client of all dream clients?

A – Ooh, a tough one. Any project related to one of the three interests above (food, sports, travel) would be especially amazing.

Q – You’re not getting out of this question that easily. Pick one.

A – Hmmm... I’d love to work with a new restaurant on an initial brand design, or an established restaurant on a rebrand, and then expand that new brand into integrated solutions for a new website, menu, merch, digital marketing, and more – the whole enchilada. (Maybe it's an enchilada place?)

Q – Tell me more about what you mean by ‘integrated solutions’.

A – I’m referring to a wide range of creative work (visual brand development, website design, print products, etc.) all coming from one place (Pen & Mug), which means a final suite of solutions that are cohesive, efficient, controlled, and often less expensive.

Q – And you can do everything yourself?

A – I’m flattered that you considered it for a moment there, but no, not everything. However, I CAN do everything listed above, and if you need other creative solutions, (like original music, animation, video production, reasearch and copywriting, etc.), I have a network of very talented friends who I will collaborate with to get the job done and bring your visions to life.

Q – Are you willing to collaborate with my team, as well?

A – Of course! If you've already got a dream team in mind and you think I'm a good fit, I'd love to join the roster.

Q – Wow. That all sounds pretty awesome.

A – Thanks, but that is not a question.

Q – That all sounds pretty awesome?

A – You’re running out of gas.

Q – I sure am. Do you have a photo?

A – Here’s a nice one of me at a recent artist showcase, playing into my coffee shop gimmick:

Austin Schulenburg

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