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Hey Bear, Whoa Bear!

When hiking the famous Chilkoot trail in Alaska, Liam, Neal, Bruce and Dan encountered a grizzly just a few feet ahead. Frightened, they called out "Hey Bear, Whoa Bear!" in an attempt to not be mauled. The bear did not understand or appreciate this, and it growled dangerously at them. The group's shrill cries were heard throughout the mountains, and the bear disappeared calmly into the woods.

After surviving this encounter, Liam O'Sullivan, a brewmaster from Charleston, South Carolina, created a special small-batch brew using a traditional parti-gyle method. With this method, the first and second runnings of the mash are used to create two distinctly different beers: the first, a lighter English Porter that he named "Hey Bēar", and the second a darker, high-gravity Imperial Porter called "Whoa Bēar!"

I designed labels that depict this story in the playful, cartoonish way that Liam tells it, and, because of a shared belief that this pair of beers will be one of his most popular small-batch brews yet, I created a simple bear mark for the bottle caps that notes the batch number.

We're not the only ones excited about these beers: "Hey Bēar" was awarded 1st place in the Brown British Beer category at the 2017 Low Country Libations Colonial Cup!

(You can have a closer look at both label designs below.)

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