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JWMS Outsourced CFO

Jonny Witkin provides a variety of financial services to help businesses visualize and implement strategic outcomes. When he recently decided to start his own consulting business, JWMS Outsourced CFO, I worked with him to create a sharp, modern brand identity that helps potential clients instantly and consistently perceive him as the true expert that he is.

I began by creating the logo for the new business, which at the time was simply called "JWMS" (for Jonny Witkin Management Solutions). The logo idea that won out was a clean, "corporate" mark in a dark navy color that feels strong, professional, and trustworthy. At first we considered using two versions of this mark interchangeably, the logo pictured above either with or without the words "Outsourced CFO" included, but decided to always include "Outsourced CFO" in both the logo and the written name to make the young company's function abundantly clear as it first begins gaining notoriety.

I designed Jonny's business cards next, and found little ways, (such as custom icons, rounded corners, and a vertical orientation), to add intrigue and personality while still keeping them functional and aesthetically in agreement with the sleek and minimal brand.

After establishing a friendship and trust through the first two projects, Jonny asked me to build his website as well. He had previously built a website for himself using a free online service, but acknowledged that it left some things to be desired. Primarily, the site had too much information packed into it, and an inconsistent visual style throughout. I worked with Jonny to trim the content down and organize it more effectively, then created a new website around that plan. During the time I was building, Jonny suggested a number of new ideas for the site, and I was able to work just about all of them into the final product. The end result is a sharp-looking, easy to navigate website that both of us can be proud of.

Jonny was kind enough to write up the following testimonial about his experience working with Pen & Mug:

"It has been a terrific experience working with him for many reasons. Austin carries himself and his work with confidence, professionalism and poise. He is a careful listener, and I really enjoyed the cadence of all our conversations about the project. All milestones in the project were met on time on budget and with attention to every detail. What I liked the most is that he is ready to give advice, while at the same time showing sensitivity to yield to my preferences. I can say from experience that Austin has the rare ability to translate ideas and rough parameters into a form that meets and exceeds the expectations of his client. I have received many unsolicited compliments about my business cards and my website. I unreservedly recommend hiring Austin for similar creative projects. He is a perfectionist and I look forward to working with him on future projects as well."

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