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Papageno Resort is a GORGEOUS tropical getaway in Fiji that prides itself on community, sustainability, and the simplicity of Kandavu island's natural beauty.

The resort offers a variety of awesome activities and day trips, from sightseeing to spearfishing to romantic getaways, and they needed a way to give guests at the resort a clear and enticing look at everything available to them. To follow the natural, tactile vibe of the resort, and due to very limited wifi on the island, a physical book was the clear best solution for this need.

Using some remarkable photos provided by the resort, (taken by Perrin James), I designed a compendium to go in each room, or "bure", that showcases these snapshots of the island's unique beauty and delivers the information about each trip or offering in a clear, concise way.

  • Client Papageno Resort
  • Photography Perrin James
  • Layout Design Pen & Mug
  • Production Management Pen & Mug

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