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Property Illustrations

Cushman & Wakefield   |   Jeff Estepp LLC

Mr. Jeff Estepp bought a building. The new building did not look like much initally, but he had a vision of what it could become, and he wanted to show potential buyers this vision in a concrete way.

Jeff contacted us to create an illustration of what the building could be, and I met up with him soon after. He brought along a photo of the property in its current state, and we sketched over it as we discussed ways to freshen it up and transform the property's curb appeal.

We chose to replace the old green tarp canopy over the door with a canopy made of light-colored wood, and eliminated a metal staircase on the front of the structure. Jeff imagined that the building might one day become a café or a bar, so we decided to add outdoor seating on the front patio and on the roof, including a heat lamp at each table, and furniture and planters made from the same light wood as the new canopy.

To give the illustration a unique and inviting look, I hand-drew our vision first, then scanned my drawing and digitally fine-tuned and colored the finished illustration.

tennessee ave property BEFORE photo
tennessee ave property sketch
tennessee ave finished illustration

That first illustration served Jeff well, so a few months later he reached out again with a second project. He'd acquired an old church, and he needed an illustration to show the structure transformed into another new restaurant.

Using the same techniques, I freshened up the front of the building with plants, and knocked out an unecessary wooden wall to open up a covered area that could be used for outdoor seating, covered parking, or a drive-thru. We added some rooftop seating as well, and signage to illustrate that the space could potentially be occupied by two adjoining restaurants, or two sections of one business.

indiana ave property BEFORE photo
indiana ave property sketch
indiana ave property finished illustration

"The renderings were fabulous...really helped in every way at the meeting. They made it much easier for the crowd to see the concept I was trying to explain."

Jeff Estepp

Jeff Estepp LLC

Some time later, Jeff was kind enough to pass our name along to Elizabeth Craig of Cushman & Wakefield, who was in need of a similar illustration for a property on Nashville's blossoming 8th Ave S.

Because of the building's shape and location, she imagined it becoming a restaurant, café, or bar like Jeff's buildings. After some exploration on the building's appearance, we landed on a bold, trendy, and attractive concept similar to popular Nashville restaurants like Butchertown Hall and Barista Parlor – sleek white siding with accents of black and light-colored wood. Our finished illustration also shows an expanded patio on the side of the property, and replaces the windows along the street with large garage doors that can be opened or closed according to weather.

8th ave property photo
8th ave property illustration
8th ave property illustration on colored background

"The turnaround was quick and Austin was accessible to me if I had any questions or revisions. Austin was patient as I described the look and feel that I wanted for the project and was quick to offer other property examples to further my design vision. It was as if he was reading my mind! "

Elizabeth Craig

Cushman & Wakefield


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